1. Who can purchase a franchise and what attributes are abacus looking for?
  2. As a qualified accountant do I require a practicing certificate?
  3. As an accountant in practice I must also have a professional services agreement. Does abacus have anything in place for this?
  4. How selective is abacus on choosing franchisees?
  5. What is the USP of abacus?
  6. Is abacus a member of the British Franchise Association?
  7. Can I have a copy of your franchise agreement?
  8. Do you advise me to take independent professional advice before purchasing a franchise?
  9. Can I speak to some of your existing franchisees?
  10. Is there anybody else we can contact?
  11. What is the Franchise Fee and how do you justify the fee?
  12. What does the franchisee receive for the purchase price?
  13. Why do you form each franchise as a limited company?
  14. Can I choose my company name?
  15. As I am sole director I will require a company secretary. Who will this be?
  16. Can my spouse be a director and/or a shareholder?
  17. Where will my registered office be?
  18. When will my year-end be?
  19. On what basis were the territories created and who did this?
  20. What do you mean by exclusive territory?
  21. Is it possible that an existing franchisee may have clients in my chosen territory?
  22. The franchise licence is for 5 years. What happens at the end of 5 years?
  23. How much is the licence fee?
  24. What if I don't want to renew the franchise after 5 years but wish to carry on trading?
  25. What if I want to sell the practice after 5 years? What restrictions are there?
  26. What happens if, due to ill health, I am unable to look after the practice?
  27. What happens if I die during the 5 years?
  28. What if I decide that I have made a mistake and wish to terminate the agreement?
  29. Has anybody terminated an agreement and why?
  30. Why do I need a Consumer Credit Licence?
  31. Why do I need to register with the data protection registrar?
  32. In my second year do I have to use the same insurance provider for my Professional Indemnity Insurance?
  33. In my second year do I have to use the same insurance provider for my Employers Liability Insurance?
  34. Why do you use Nat West bank and is it compulsory for franchisees to use Nat West?
  35. Why do you register the franchisee's Company for VAT immediately? Doesn't this position us at a disadvantage with our clients and competitors?
  36. Exactly how much point of sale and promotional literature do we receive?
  37. Can we order additional stationery and brochures or do we have to find our own printers?
  38. What type of binding machine do you supply and how many binding coils do we get?
  39. Is the 08700 telephone number one where clients would have to pay extra to call me and why do I need it?
  40. I already have an email address can I use this for the business?
  41. What is the abacus intranet?
  42. Are the help lines in VAT and Tax free to use?
  43. What manuals does abacus provide?
  44. If I leave the franchise do I have to return the manuals?
  45. What is on the CD?
  46. What is the content of the Induction course and how long is the course?
  47. Do I have to sign up for the Franchise before coming on an Induction Course?
  48. Where are the induction courses held and will I need to organise a hotel?
  49. How often are Induction Courses held?
  50. How many candidates do you have on a course?
  51. If I am interested in coming on an induction course how do I reserve a territory?
  52. Will I be expected to pay for the franchise at the end of the induction course?
  53. Do I wait until I have been on the induction course to organise funds to pay for the franchise?
  54. Do you provide assistance in obtaining a loan?
  55. How much working capital do I require?
  56. Do I wait until I am ready to start a franchise before coming on an induction course?
  57. How can I find out which territories are available?
  58. Who installs the Sage software?
  59. What support do we get from Sage?
  60. As I grow my practice can I increase my user licences on the Sage products?
  61. Do I get any training material from Sage?
  62. How do I use the three additional Sage training days?
  63. How much discount do I get on Sage products and does this extend to products I purchase for clients?
  64. Is there a list of ancillary service providers?
  65. Can I use my own associate partners?
  66. Do I get commission if any of my clients use the alliance partners?
  67. Who do I contact at Head Office to organise one of the alliance partners to meet my client?
  68. What IT equipment do I require?
  69. Does abacus have anyone who could advise me to ensure my PC meets your specification?
  70. Do you have any minimum performance targets?
  71. What happens if I don't meet the performance targets?
  72. Do I need to open an office as soon as I commence trading as an abacus Franchisee?
  73. What are the management/royalty fees and when do they have to be paid?
  74. Are there any other costs other than management fees?
  75. How do I find my clients?
  76. Do you confirm and verify the appointments generated by the Call Centre?
  77. Do you contact the potential client after the franchisee has been on the appointment?
  78. Can I continue to use the Call Centre after receiving my initial 100 appointments?
  79. How are the Call Centre bands broken down?
  80. What fees do I charge clients?
  81. Do franchisees have to prepare monthly returns to Head Office and why?
  82. What ongoing help will I get and from whom?
  83. Is the business seasonal?
  84. What hours will I be expected to work?
  85. Do I have to pay for my own local advertising?
  86. What happens if I already have clients?
  87. Why are there 3 parties to the franchise agreement? Who is the guarantor?
  88. Now I have looked at the presentation on the CD read these questions and answers and reviewed the franchise agreement, what do I do next?  

  abacus franchising company limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of abacus group of companies limited
  Registered in England and Wales under number 498725
at 3a Blue Sky Way, Monkton Business Park South, Hebburn, NE31 2EQ